Fun with Olivia

Naya had another good day and good news on several fronts. Her white cell counts are terrific, all of the cultures on her fluids including the spinal fluid came back negative and she is beginning to tolerate the food from her feeding tube. This has all meant her energy is good, she is in a good mood and her skin is improving. Yesterday, she had a full day of visits topped off by a visit with her cousin Olivia. They just hung out doing a craft and watching modern family. Nothing beats kids just being kids. When I asked Naya how her day went, she truly felt it was a good one.

Naya also has a healthy outlook on being in the hospital. She thinks of it as a home away from home and understands it's purpose is to keep her healthy through treatments. The CHOP docs and nurses deserve all of the credit.

Finally - Naya is forming a team to walk for cancer research. She will be asking all of you to join her in September. They asked Naya if she and zak want to be ambassadors for the walk and it looks like Naya is going to do it. She is making it very clear she will support pediatric cancer research for not only herself but all of the other kids with cancer.