Getting Better All The Time

"It's getting better all the time." I'm not sure John and Paul where thinking about Naya when they penned that hit but still it applies. She finished up the week with spinal radiation only on Friday as her brain treatments are over for a few days which gives her time to recover and gain some strength. After radiation yesterday she picked up a lot of swag from her AIS school friends in pre-k, k and her 4th grade classmates. She had a blast checking it all out. Take a look at her surrounded by all her cool gifts.

This morning she is reintroducing Cheerios to her system in small quantities to augment the liquid nutrition she is receiving through the feeding tube you see in the picture.

If you are wondering about her forehead peeling, that is from the cranial radiation. It's the same as a sun burn which, given her Indian genetics, she has never had so another new thing Naya has to sort through.

20130413-090002.jpg All in all, she is powering through the treatment and getting stronger. The resident just came in and told me her white cell count went way up since yesterday to 1437 which is great. That means her bone marrow is producing immune system necessary white blood cells used to fight off viruses and most importantly necessary to get out of the hospital and return home. No promises but if mom and dad get trained on how to use the NG feeding tube we just might blow this joint.