Big milestones over 2 days

It has been a long but good few days. Naya's friend Paige came to visit - which made Naya very happy of course. Then she got a new manicure from her Aunt Eden, Aunt Donna and uncle Jeff. Naya is now sporting neon orange. Monday was her last day under anesthesia. The nurses decorated her room in honor of her achievement. And Naya painted the nails of two of her docs. Yes - Dr. Joe finally caved and had two nails polished. More surprising was when Naya asked her prestigious radiologist if he wanted a nail painted. He gladly took her up on the offer and ended up with a nice blue thumbnail.

Her counts are great and her feeding tube is going well. She even let me put the tube in today.

All of this good news led to getting released and we are going home after radiation. What a week she has endured. We are so proud of her.

Today is her first radiation treatment without anesthesia. She is feeling strong and ready. More to come tomorrow.