My little strong girl

The fever and low blood pressure from Monday night indicated an infection, and that led to postponing chemo and radiation for the last two days until the reason was found.  So far, they haven't found anything significant, so that's the good news after several blood tests and a lumbar puncture. She has a staff infection, but it's not clear if that is the underlying cause.  Antibiotics are helping to fight her staff infection as well as other infections that may be lurking.  The bad news is Naya's body is definitely fighting something off, and her white cell count is basically non existent.  All of this means that we're in the hospital for a while until she is in the clear on her cell count.

If that's not enough, her shunt might need a revision.  She's not exhibiting symptoms of an issue, but it looks like it's not mechanically working as well as it should be.  Nothing will be done until her white cell counts go back up so we'll just wait.  If she needs a revision, it should be pretty straight forward and a fast procedure according to the docs.

Naya is holding up well considering all of this.  She doesn't seem too phased by it, and is hoping to see the Battle of the Bands tonight at CHOP.  She continues to smile and chat up people when she wants.

Today she did get back into radiation, but no chemo given the cell counts.  Hopefully tomorrow will be both, but at least radiation.  She also gets a feeding tube today to help build back her nutrients and strength.  She and we are very relieved about the feeding tube as we think it'll take the pressure off of her to eat, and restart her appetite and give her more strength.

Let's hope she can make the Battle of the Bands tonight as she is really looking forward to it....and that her white cells start climbing up.  And, of course, that radiation is back on tomorrow.