Tell Me Why, I Don't Like Mondays

After coming out of radiation last night and getting home we turned around and headed back to the hospital for an all nighter in the ER. Naya's temperature spiked and given her weakened immune system that means we have to get into the ER, start a full spectrum antibiotic regiment, and get a blood culture taken to see if there is any bacteria we need to specifically address. Around 5am we finally found our way to PICU where we settled in for the day. After all that if was decided we should skip chemo and radiation treatments for the day and just rest and build up our strength. Now if only we felt even the smallest bit like eating and drinking we could get a day ahead but man food and drink just doesn't look good to us, or Naya that is.

Amy is coming in tonight to take over the night shift so maybe a change of parental scenery will bring a new perspective and make tonight smoother than last. One can only hope. As we have said many times; One Day at a Time.