One down, new one to overcome

We made progress on the headaches, and now Naya's itchiness has subsided.  Our guess is that she'll get itchy once the treatments start, but we think we found the right meds to deal with it.  She slept like a baby last night too and had a long and luxurious bath!  Today, she hasn't been able to keep food, water, or anything down.  My hope is her stomach gets back into a groove soon so that she can at least get some liquids down today.  

Her cousins and Aunt Donna and Uncle Jeff are visiting her today, and she's having a nice day with them.  And, her teacher dropped off some nice things from her classmates, which we'll open up once she's got some energy in her.  

Let's hope her digestive system wakes up and lets her eat or at least drink tonight.