Today was better for Naya.  She came out of radiation without a headache, and got a good rest when we returned home. Now she's watching the recent Bond film with lots of interest :)

The days are tough for her as her body tries to adjust to a grueling daily schedule of chemo and radiation, plus not being able to eat after midnight.  Emotionally, as you can imagine, this is very tough on her. But, she continues to move forward with strength and is doing her best.

She unfortunately is very itchy, which we're trying to get under wraps.  The "good" news is it doesn't seem like an allergy to the meds/chemo.  The frustrating piece is everyone is a bit perplexed by it.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be nice for her, the itchiness will subside, and she'll get a chance to enjoy her gifts, read cards and visit with special people in her life.