Saturday, Not in the Park, and Certainly Not Like the 4th of July

Naya couldn't keep anything down yesterday.  Even water wouldn't stay down.  We just took it really easy and started with a tiny sip every 5 minutes and by the end of the day, after a couple of bites of a Kinder Bar, she was starting to feel better and finally was keeping the water down.  I was worried we where going to have to visit the hospital again to get fluids in her.  Phew, that didn't happen. Naya's Aunt Donna, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Tushar, cousins Eli and Olvia all stopped over, helped cheer her up and kept her spirits high while she was struggling through the day.  She was very happy to have all the support.  Last night I kept waking her up through the night to put more fluids in her and by the morning it appears she is feeling a little better and is now eating Fruit Loops.  Not necessarily the breakfast of champions, but at this stage, we will all take it.

So it was most definitely Saturday, not a walk in the park for sure, and nobody was partying like the 4th of July but as I've said many times, one day at a time.