A Long Day - Even A Longer Night

After a very long day Naya came out of the MRI with a bad headache.  I checked her incision and it was pretty clear to me that cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) was pulling around her incision so I asked for the neurosurgeon to come check her out before we went home.  Sure enough, he agreed and asked if she had eaten anything after the MRI.  She didn't so he went immediately to schedule an operating room so he could install a shunt in her tonight. The surgery just started at 8:14.  It should make her much more comfortable.  The best day she has had since the initial surgery was when we brought her back into the hospital because she was leaking a little CSF.  My hypothesis is that while the CSF was leaking it relieved all the pressure from her brain and made her feel like the Naya of old.  Lets hope the shunt does the same thing and makes her much more comfortable.

Certainly not the outcome from the day that we wanted but we will take it one day at a time.