Groundhog Day - Sort Of...

We are hanging out in the PICU recovering from the soreness of having a plastic straw, sort of, snaked from our brain to our abdomen. The painful part of this for the next couple of days is the abdominal incision used to pull the straw from the neck down to the abdomen. Those core muscles are used for just about every movement and when they are sore, oh boy that is unpleasant. We are going to stay in the hospital tonight since the soreness/pain is a little more than we expected plus we have a bone marrow harvest procedure tomorrow at 8:30 am.

I will say that the Naya of old is emerging and popping through the pain so I'm pretty confident the shunt is doing its job. She seams much less dizzy, less nauseous, and generally less discomfort although that is masked somewhat by the abdominal and neck pain.

So here is to another night at CHOP and the wonderful Bobby Burger Palace burgers. Check it out, Bobby Flay's burger joint.

PS. Naya loves the chocolate shakes.