A Big Day Ahead

Good morning. We start procedures today at 10:30 with radiation simulation.  We have to make a mask of her face that will look similar to a hockey goalie's mask.  The mask will be used over the next six weeks for her treatments to keep her completely still and ensure the accuracy of the treatment.  It's a long haul, 1.5 hours on her belly.

The next procedure is a spinal MRI which is 2+ hours on her back.  Can you say boring?  Neither of these procedures are painful, they are, however, long and tedious.

One other procedure is on tap for today also and it will be painful but she will be sedated.  Hopefully when she comes out she is not feeling sore or uncomfortable. So a big day to say the least.  It may sound like too much but we are working to accomplish all the preparation activities we need to get into the treatment phase as soon as possible so we can cure this thing.

Oh yea, one other bummer, no food until all this is over because of the sedation.  I better have chocolate chip cookies, pasta, and fruit all at the ready.