20130430-090509.jpg Last Thursday Naya entered into the next, and hopefully last, phase of her treatment plan.  She has eight, six week chemotherapy treatments ahead of her.  Each six week cycle starts with a hospital admission for 3 - 5 days where she is administered the bulk of the chemotherapy drugs for the entire six week cycle.  After the hospital admission portion she then goes in each week for blood analysis and another dose of chemotherapy, vincrystine specifically.  So the beginning of each cycle is the hardest on her and the remainder of the cycle gets progressively less invasive.

She is doing great so far on her first cycle.  She was in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday last week, right on schedule.  It did rock her pretty hard from a nausea perspective and we had to go back to the clinic on Monday to get fluids and steroids to help turn the corner so she could keep food and fluids down.  This did cause her to go back on the NG tube to relieve the stress of trying to eat and get her required calories when she just doesn't feel like eating.  We are getting back in the groove though.  This morning she work up hungry and wanted to try pancakes.  A great sign.