Round 2 long day

Well - today began the next round of chemo. The day started with checking Naya's counts. She has rebounded well and her counts were high enough to allow for chemo to start again. By the time all tests, results and conversations with her nurse practitioners and doctor happened it was 5 pm. She was admitted to CHOP at that time. So far, she has received one type of chemo and is now getting another type. In all today, she will get chemo for 7 hours. We are fully expecting the next several days to be tough due to side effects. Naya is facing everything as she always does-as it comes and determined to get through it. Her doctor said she is doing great so that was music to my ears.

She is also working really hard to eat and drink on her own. It's hard when you don't have much of an appetite but she is giving it her all for sure.

The highlight this evening is she lost a baby tooth. She is expecting a little more from the tooth fairy this time given she is going through chemo. I will update the blog with what she gets!

She is sleeping soundly now. Let's hope her side effects aren't too severe in the next few days. She has time in the hospital tomorrow so feel free to send her a text or blog comment to say hello.