No Hair Club Does Not Discriminate

The "No Hair Club" isn't for humans only.  Horses are more than welcomed and even encouraged.  Here is Naya's best friend at Alliquippa Stables,, PaintJack, having his entire body shaved in support of Naya.  Now that is support!  I don't see any of you humans out there getting a total body shave.  Alliquippa is putting together a team to support Naya's Four Season River Parkway run.  Way to go Katie and Miss TJ!  Anyone else want to put together a team and join Team Naya's efforts to fight cancer please go to, and sign up and help us out.  CHOP has put together a great event and we greatly appreciate the support and thank you. messagepartNaya had to go back into the hospital yesterday because she had a fever spike and protocol when your neutropenic is that you don't waste any time, you get into the hospital, and onto broad spectrum antibiotics which we, of course, did.  Yesterday, she spent the day receiving fluids, antibiotics, and having her blood drawn to see if there is an infection causing the fever.  The blood cultures take 24 - 48 hours to determine if there is something that is going to grow to figure out the exact antibiotic to use to fight the infection.  Hopefully nothing grows and she can be released tomorrow, Wednesday.  Her ANC is 84.  We like it over 1,000 so that is most likely the reason for the fever but we have to be careful because of how low her white blood cell counts are could allow an infection to run rampant through her body.