Hang Time

We had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of friends, the very cool and hip Virbitsky's sans the patriarch who ate too much the day before and couldn't make it out of the house, family - Aunt Donna Uncle Jeff, Aunt Dana Uncle Tushar Grandma Taru and cousins Eli and Olivia. Naya cooked up a storm. Made the stuffing with me plus prepped the turkey and duck and peeled the potatoes. Then she made apple turnovers for her brother Zak with her mom as a final treat for the feast.

Now we are in the clinic waiting to see if we will be admitted today which is highly likely. So now we will be hanging in the hospital over the weekend for the 6th and final treatment in this process. We are powering through it because we can see the light at then end of this here tunnel!




Alrighty, let cycle 6 begin! We are admitted and ready to power through the next couple of days. Here are the entering count board.