Big Week Ahead

Well, Naya finally was released on Saturday. After a full week in the hospital, I think she was itching to move. Today, she got up at 6 a.m., "made me" watch the Bachelorette,  rode the golf cart around for 9 holes,  took a short walk, and now she's off to pick up Karolina who's been on vacation for a week. And, tonight, Shark Week begins! I'm exhausted just writing about the day!

This week, Naya will go to the Phillies game on Tuesday, and have the opportunity to meet the players and watch them practice before the game. We will definitely get a barn visit in, and then who knows. If all goes well, she has 15 days off before her next round and we'll take full advantage of the time.

When she came home this week, a great box of Coca Cola goodies were waiting for her which explains the next photo