New with Naya

Many of you have been asking about Naya. Sorry we have been remiss lately with updates, She has been doing well. Since the new Gtube went in, she is much less nauseous and more independent. It's helped her gain some weight too which is helping with her energy.

She has been catching up on summer movies lately, exercising to build strength, catching up on schoolwork and getting her summer reading done for 5th grade.

She is also gearing up for the walk in September. We have much to do - raise more money, design shirts and get the team together. But we are off to a great start with the help of all of you out there all over the world.

Naya created a poster which is shown here. If you look closely, her voice of strength is loud and clear. She is telling the world she is strong and her positive attitude has been declared in her poster.

Naya goes into her second round of chemo this Thursday so we are expecting a bumpy week or two ahead. She may go to NYC for a quick visit this week and hopefully see the horses.

Keep up the prayers, good wishes and love. She feels the support all around and so do we.