Feeling better, and ready for friends

Today was another blood test to check Naya’s counts. Her counts are in good shape, and are improving on their own. We’re hoping Monday proves to be the same, which will give her the freedom to go to the barn and for us not to put Purell on her hands 40 times a day.

She has a big weekend this weekend with sun, swim, and friends.  Next week is another big social week with a few AIS activities lined up.  

Eating is still coming pretty slowly, and she is still battling nausea.  However, she’s feeling better and having more good hours each day.  We hope the trend continues.

The most everyone can do is keep reaching out.  She lights up when she hangs out with people she loves, her friends and other kids.  After all, she is only 9, and most 9 year olds get sick of their parents after a while.