A busy weekend

Naya had her first weekend since February recovering from surgery, radiation and chemo. It is crazy to think about what she has gone through. She is getting a little appetite back and had a few hours of good energy to do some fun things with zak, her cousins and her great friend Paige this weekend.

On Friday, she had hoped to go to school but her queasy stomach nixed that idea. Instead she bombed around with Dad and got my Mother's Day gift.

Saturday was better. She saw Zak crush a few balls at his game, had a hot dog and then went swimming in our pool. She was konked by 8 but who wouldn't be!

Today was a little lighter. She did have a nice lunch with Paige and now we are chilling watching TV.

Tomorrow she has a clinic visit and we are hoping her counts went up since last week. Here is hoping for a good week for her and a better appetite.