Horse time and a big week ahead

Naya went to her barn today for the first time in several weeks. TJ and Katie got Naya's favorite friend PaintJack ready to hang with the crowd. We visited for about an hour, and loved every second of the visit. Naya gave out some carrots and treats, and then got ready for another few holes on the golf cart with Dad and Zak. Needless to say, she was tired after so much activity and we're now chillin out.

Tuesday is her last day of radiation and last day of her first round of chemo.  She will get six weeks off and then we move to the next round of treatment.  On her break, she'll probably begin to get some classroom time in at AIS, build her strength back and swim a lot in the pool.  And, of course, visit her friends at Alliquippa.  

ImageImageThanks TJ and Katie for a wonderful day!