Noodles and another lesson

We are trying to figure out the plan for eating and drinking, and boy is it a puzzle.  Wednesday was a good day with the feeding tube, Thursday was essentially a disaster with nothing going down, and then Friday presented a new plan. The new plan is to give food through the tube more slowly. Hank then had a brilliant idea to give water through the tube too to help Naya get hydrated. Things have worked well so far, and gave Naya energy she hasn't had in a while.

With her newfound energy, she and I went to the pet store to buy Gabby toys for her "birthday", followed by a trip to the grocery store. I haven't been to a store since mid-February so I ended up buying way more than we needed and anything Naya wanted. 

While there, Naya really wanted some noodles so I bought them for her even though I felt she wouldn't eat them. I was wrong. She is now eating spicy chicken noodles and watching golf on TV. I'm just hoping the noodles stay down, but I applaud her for trying even though they may not cooperate with her stomach.

Another lesson in her courage happened today. While at the store, Naya noticed a couple of kids and their dad staring at her. I was worried that she would feel bad, but instead she pointed out how rude they were, especially the father. Go Naya! It is great that she understands that some people just have no idea how to behave when people different are around them. As her mom, I  want to protect her from ignorance. Today, I learned she doesn't need me to defend her - she's comfortable in her own skin.