Saturday and fun

Today Naya was honored at the local little league opening day ceremonies. She didn't attend because she wasn't feeling up to it, but she appreciated the gesture and MLL jacket. Zak got to throw the opening pitch which was a great honor for our family. Thank you MEDIA for supporting our Zak and Naya today. Once Naya got some energy, we made a trip to Benari to see Bobby and Rachel and thank them for their support. It was great to see Bobby and for Naya to get and about. After running a few more typical Saturday errands, Naya was exhausted and we made our way home.

She has had a decent day. Her appetite is still a challenge as she usually doesn't get to eat until 5 pm daily. Thank goodness that scenario ends this week and anesthesia ends soon.

Her uncle and cousin joined the No Hair Club today in her honor. I think at least 15 people have cut much or all of their hair to support her. Thank you!!