Naya and nails

Many of you know Naya loves a good manicure. In fact, so many people sent gifts of nail polish that Naya decided to have a nail party before her radiation treatments yesterday. She had so much fun with the nurses, and especially loved the fact that some Of the guys were up for a good polish. Naya is sporting a nice pink and purple polish combination. Her friend Charles looked great in purple with sparkles. At one point, she was chasing the anesthesiologist to honor his promise to polish his nails. Dr. Joe skirted us this time but we will get to him! Today she is back in treatment. Things are going ok but the week gets harder each day due to the cumulative effects of her radiation. She is positive and a typical kid addicted to her iPad watching TV shows.

Later this week we will post new additions to the no hair club. We have a few to add!