Downs and Ups

The end of the week proved to be tough for Naya. She had major throat pain - an effect from the radiation and, a fever by the early evening. The throat pain was so severe that water was not going down. The fever is taken seriously as her white cell counts are low. While the fever landed us back at CHOP overnight for tests and observation, she is much better.

She showed her courage again last night as she took medicines even as her throat was causing excruciating pain. She knew it was up to her to help herself, and she did just that. The medicines have helped a lot and she is now able to eat and drink.

She doesn't have a fever but we won't be released until we know she doesn't have an infection - which hopefully will by early evening.

They say this is normal stuff during treatment so no need to be alarmed. Easier said vs. when you are the one going through it.

The most important end to the last 12 hours is that Naya is feeling well, in very good spirits and liking herself without hair! Thank goodness she is a strong cookie!