Dr. Hank

Naya had a good day Friday, no headaches, eating pizza right after radiation, then shrimp and pasta for dinner. We received new care packages from McCANN, TE Connectivity, Anthony Yell, the New Biz Team at McCANN and lots more. Thank you everyone for your support and kindness. Most of the goodies where yummy things to eat so just what she needed from a calorie perspective. Today I had to learn how to administer subcutaneous injections so I could give Naya her medicine to boost white blood cell production. She wasn't sure about her dad playing doctor but I put the numbing creme on and she had to admit she couldn't feel a thing. She did have a healthy dose of fear before my first stick though but hopefully she is now confident in me.

She is eating and feeling as good as she has in a while. Needs to drink more so when you see her tell her to pound some fluids.