Good Sunday

Naya had a really good day.  She was up and about in the house most of the day watching TV, hanging with her Aunt and Uncle, seeing a friend and now just chilling.  She ate and drank all day which helped her energy level.  There were many moments today to talk about but I'll share two...

She put on a necklace today given by her Aunt Donna, and cried.  I asked her why she was crying, and she was just happy that her Aunt loved her so much.  She and her Aunt have a special bond, and it was so good for Naya to spend time with Donna.  Thank you Donna and Jeff for loving our kids like your own!

The second was when we told her that the chemo would cause her hair to fall out temporarily. She took the news like a champ, and basically said if it was going to help kill the cancer, she didn't really care.  Our guess is that she will, but we know that she's focused exactly on the right mission, and won't let anything get in her way!  Go Naya!!