Nothing Happened

Last night, nothing happened!  And that is exactly how we like it.  We slept and woke up, boring hugh?  Today is forecasted to be a very nice day here in Philly.  60 degrees.  So I think we'll head outside for a little walk with the dogs and fresh air in our lungs. Nothing is going on for the next couple of days so we have plenty of time to open all the amazing gifts you have sent to Naya over the last couple of weeks.  Literally, there are so many it is going to take that long to look through them.  Thank you for your cards filled with encouragement and the gifts which are making Naya laugh and picking up her spirits.

She is processing the concept of what lies ahead in her treatment plan as well as the seriousness of her disease which gets her down as she thinks through exactly what that means to her.  I think she will continue to process this for the next several days.  Certainly we will be here with her to make sure she keeps focused on success.

You support is even more important now for her to see so hang in there with us which I know you will.