Going home (from Naya)

It has been a tough week for me, but I am finally heading home! I feel as if I have spent my whole life in this hospital. Because for the few weeks that i have been here, I have had many procedures, IVs stuck in me, and blood taken from me. So it is a relief for me to finally be heading home. I have a port in me so I don't have to have IVs anymore. It allows me to swim or do anything else I would like. When I get home I will probably play with my dogs and I will hopefully go to my barn to see the horses. I can't ride for a couple of months but I can still visit the horses.

I can't do sports unless its swimming or maybe softball. But I can't ride because I am recovering from my surgery.

Next time I write, I'll tell you about beads of courage.

I also wanted to thank you for supporting me and sending comments to help me through this.