What a day

Well - Naya is recovering from the shunt and it seems to be working fine. But all of this stress and the procedures have now caused digestion issues and discomfort. And there is more to come tomorrow. She got to sleep today with the help of meds, and we think it was really good for her to finally rest.

Because of her digestion, she is not allowed to eat - yet again! But hopefully her system will be better tomorrow.

Our job right now is to be her full time advocate and challenge everyone to keep it simple and work to get her strong and allow her to recover. We saved her from an extra procedure and another prick in her arm. GO PARENTS!

She woke up this afternoon in good spirits and no pain. Whew. She even gave Zak a hard time. That personality is there and strong.

A truly touching moment happened when she cried about how much we were helping her and loved her. We of course know it is not only our responsibility but our only desire, but I guess a 9-year old doesn't always realize that about their parents.