Friday Night@CHOP

Naya is hanging tough! She had to spend the night back at the hospital in order for the doctors to monitor her incision and determine the best course of action. It doesn't look like she leaked any more csf since Thursday night which is great. But, she did have a bad headache last night which could have been from higher inter-cranial pressure due to increased csf, or could have been that she isn't quite ready to be off all the pain medications. We gave her some pain meds and she rested well. Btw, her CT yesterday was normal and showed flat ventricles which is what you want to see on a cat scan.

The neurosurgeons will make their rounds this morning and determine if she should have a shunt installed in her brain to help with the csf drainage or if the EVD procedure they did 10 days ago will perform the job.

If we have to install a shunt she will be in the hospital until tomorrow. If we don't, we will be home today. Quite honestly, it's too close for me to call at this point so I'm in the same position as you. We'll just have to wait it out.

Look for an update mid-day.