Good Morning 5-27-2013

Good morning from chop. We are looking forward to getting off these steroids so we can return to the more mellow Naya. Right now she is a super fast talker and ready to take charge. She is on fire!

Yesterday, she went to the cardiologist for an echo cardiogram. Next up was a visit to the audiologist for a hearing test which proved her hearing is perfect and she is just ignoring her mother and me.

Of course the usual routine of physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation therapy, and the slew of neurologists, oncologists, social workers, etc all checked in and kept us hopping.

We walked all over the hospital yesterday and even had a secret meeting with a friend. Until March 1st visitors are not allowed in the patient floors and rooms due to the high incident rate of the flu and RSV virus so we coordinated schedules with a friend to clandestinely meet in the atrium. It was all very cloak and dagger.

[wpvideo hr4QDCj5]