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Why the Mustard Challenge?

The Mustard Challenge raises awareness and funds to discover safer, non-toxic and more effective treatments for children with cancer - the leading cause of death by disease of children in the U.S.

By taking the challenge and donating, you raise awareness of the ancient drugs used to treat our kids and fund groundbreaking research for childhood cancer.

So, why mustard?

Today, children are commonly treated with 1950s drugs derived from the same compounds used in mustard gas, and only 4 drugs have been approved for childhood cancer since 1980. These ancient drugs are highly toxic and cause acute side effects - even death - as children become adults.

Where does my donation go?

100% of your donation funds research. All of the money raised from the Mustard Challenge will fund groundbreaking research that leverages the latest understanding in cancer biology to bring safer, less toxic, and more effective treatments for children with cancer.

Mustard Challenge

*Anyone over 13 years old can take the Mustard Challenge. If you are sensitive to mustard, you can take the challenge with something else equally challenging. Have fun!


Choose your mustard (the spicier, the better). See Bravery Level Meter for levels. Be ready to record your challenge using a phone or camera with video recording capabilities.

Record your challenge

Set up your phone/camera. Start recording!
*Use a phone or camera with video recording capabilities.

Say: "Hi, this is my mustard challenge to end childhood cancer. I'm taking the challenge and donating to raise funds for cancer research."

Eat/Smear/Throw/Squirt a big spoonful of mustard.
*We suggest you have crackers or water nearby!

Say: "I challenge friends A, B, C, and D to do the challenge and make a donation at"


Donate any amount you desire to fund childhood cancer research.

Share and go viral

Post your video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and tag the people you nominated. Don't forget to add the hashtags:
#MustardChallenge #NoMoreKidsWithCancer and website to encourage donation.

Took the challenge? Download your badge and proudly display it!
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The bigger the heat, the braver the bite. Can you handle the eye-watering smack of Wasabi Mustard, or do you max out at yellow? Give it your best shot!

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OUR GOAL: $6,000,000+

Our goal is at least $6,000,000! Help us reach it and go over! We will change our goal if we exceed $6,000,000!

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Where does the money go?

All (100%) of the money raised from The Mustard Challenge will fund groundbreaking research that leverages the latest understanding in cancer biology to bring safer, less toxic and more effective treatments for children with cancer. The research we fund will help children with cancer - and the doctors and researchers working to save them - who urgently need alternatives to the 50s-era, inhumane, side-effect-laden standard treatments used today.

We will actively seek to support high-potential early stage clinical trials (phase 0, phase I, phase II) or other clinical research (e.g. biomarker development, new imaging tools, etc.) targeting pediatric cancer. The projects can be one or a combination of the following: kick-starter grants between $100,000-$250,000; clinical trials between $250,000 - $1,000,000 or grants to early-career physician-scientists with novel ideas to cure childhood cancer averaging $100,000 - $250,000 per year; and larger grants which have the possibility to accelerate cures for a type of pediatric cancer, including another Dream Team.

Important to Remember

Participating in the Mustard Challenge is at your own election. If you have a sensitivity to mustard - please use something else or donate! Also, when you set your social media status to "public" and post your video, anyone on the web can see your post. When you post, you permit us to display your post on our website. Finally, if you are under 13, please do not participate in the challenge, but feel free to ask your parents to do so!

Special Thanks

The Mustard Challenge team consists of volunteers who came together to make a difference. We want to thank the following individuals and organizations for their time, ideas and help:

Pure Growth team with special thanks to Oli and Dani
Ballard Spahr with special thanks to Odia Kagan and Lynn Rzonca
No More Kids with Cancer team - Christine Tase and Chris Blackman
DirectLync team

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