We are accepting applications for our next Clinical/Translational Research grant. 

Clinical/Translational Research Award Application - Due April 17, 2017

Goal: To support early stage clinical trials (phase 0, phase I, phase II) or other clinical research (e.g. biomarker development, new imaging tools, etc.) targeting toward pediatric cancer. Translational research will be considered as long as it is one step away from human testing (e.g. preclinical drug testing in animals). Partially funding for a project will be considered as long as matching resources have already been secured. The grant budget is $230,000 including indirect costs.

Please read the instructions carefully, complete all sections, and following page limits. The application should be submitted via email as a single PDF to info@nayafoundation.org with the subject line “Candidate Last Name, First Name_CTRA_Application”. Please order the application documents as outlined below.

The complete application must be received by April 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM ET. Inquiries should be sent to info@nayafoundation.org and amy@nayafoundation.org