Zak And Naya On Top Of Avanti Express In Vail, CO - Grandma Would Be Proud

Zak and Naya on Top of Avanti Express in Vail, CONaya once again showed us how to tackle fear, live life, and get out there and "just do it!"  We have been in vail all week.  Mother nature cooperated magnificently providing seven inches of fresh snow on the day of our arrival, then over the last two days another eighteen inches of fluffy powder.  Of course, during the first few days Naya was adjusting to the altitude so she was more focused on keeping hydrated and topped off with calories but as you can see above she was determined to get out on the mountain and tear it up with her brother. We all started off on chair lift number 1, not the gondola because that would be too easy and not our normal routine so she donned her skis at the base of the mountain, skied right over to the quad lift, got scanned by the Vail folks, hopped on the lift, jumped right off at the top of the hill and skied down to the next lift, Avanti Express.  From there we went up to the top of the mountain, down the other side, up to Wildwood Lodge for a hot chocolate.  While we where taking in the sites from 11,000+ feet her nausea got the best of her and she did get sick but as you all know that wouldn't stop Naya.  She went into the bathroom with her mom, took care of business, came out and then skied down Avanti, a blue run with a black diamond section in the middle.  The snow was deep, some places over a couple of feet, she kept her goal in site and made it down the run.  Then hopped on the lift, back up to the top of the mountain and then down to Eagle's Nest gondola for a casual, amazing vista, ride down to grab lunch and chill.

Reflection?  Twelve months ago she was in the hospital recovering from two brain surgeries, receiving radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and, as only my 10 year old daughter can, showed me how to conquer fear and "just do it!"  She is AMAZING!

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