Yummy Hot Chocolates Save The Day

Naya's been making progress every day transitioning back to school, getting into a more regular eating routine and enjoying some of her favorite activities including shopping for jewelry, perfume, dresses and horseback riding.  She is going to school almost every day for 2-3 classes, keeping up with math homework and about 450 calories away from being off of her feeding tube.  

Starbucks hot chocolates, with whip of course, have been a staple.  We've become experts on the calorie counts in tall and grande sizes, with whip, syrup, and milk.  Thank goodness for Starbucks!!  

Here is Naya studying fractions, completing her math assignment and giving herself the calories she needs to become independent.  Her nausea has improved too.  We're hoping things continue as we get ready to go to Vail this month and enjoy time together as a unit, reflect on the year, and hopefully enjoy Vail.  For our friends in Denver, we'll send out an email to see if we can get together and see all of your lovely faces :)

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