What Are You Thankful For?

How do you say thank you to hundreds of people?  That's been our challenge for months.  We have cartons of cards that were sent by all of you, a list of who gave what gift, over 500 people that gave to the Parkway Run, and the names of dozens of nurses and doctors that have helped us along the way.  Someday, we will get thank you notes out, but for now, we hope you know that we are incredibly grateful to all of you. Thanksgiving has always been special to us.  It's a holiday full of warmth surrounded by family, great food and just enough family drama to keep it real.  It wasn't until last week that I let myself think it could be a "normal" Thanksgiving in the Summy household. And, here we are  doing the normal Thanksgiving stuff...getting our shopping list together, inviting friends and family over, preparing dishes, and surfing the web for good Black Friday deals.

There is no way to describe how special this year's Thanksgiving is to our family.  So, maybe a list is appropriate.  This list is from Naya and me as we sit here pondering the plan for the day:

Naya is thankful for...

  • CHOP
  • CHOP doctors and nurses
  • the treatment working
  • Gabby and Dukie (our dogs)
  • being "almost done" with treatment
  • PaintJack (our horse)
  • All of her friends

I am thankful for...

  • My family
  • Hank's family
  • The world class support, talent and conviction from Naya's team at CHOP
  • Naya's AIS teachers and faculty
  • Naya's friends and their wonderful families
  • Zak's friends, family and support from his school (Haverford)
  • The caregivers who have stayed with our family (old and recent).  In particular, we want to thank Karolina and Anna for their love.  And, of course, thank you to Claudia, Lidia, Joy, Maki, Katarina, Vanessa
  • All of our amazing friends and their supportive messages/texts/emails/calls/cards/help
  • Everybody that supported the Parkway Run & Walk
  • Everyone that prayed, sent positive energy, cards and love to our family
  • Our generous and understanding colleagues from McCann Worldgroup and TE
  • And, finally, my family's health

We hope you have a lot to be thankful for, and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

Love from the Summy's - Naya, Zak, Hank, Amy, Duke, Gabby and PaintJack

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