We Should All Have BirthWeek Celebrations!

Naya had a great week celebrating her 11th birthday. Her energy was generally good all week, which allowed her to enjoy everything she wanted to do. It got off to a bang with about 70 text messages wishing her a great day. Thanks to all of you who sent or are continuing to send her messages.  She had great fun reading them, and asking us who some of you are.  I'd encourage all of you to think about the same idea for your kids.  It's better than Facebook bday messages! She had love and friends all around her all week long. The week consisted of a mani/pedi, Godzilla movie (which was really good), dinner at her favorite restaurant, riding PaintJack and finally, a pool party exactly as she planned it. We didn't make it to Hershey Park yet due to the threat of rain so that'll be a different day.  The cake was also awesome as it's designed to look like PaintJack.

She managed to do all of this while in treatment.  Her docs allowed us to move one of her treatments by a day so she'd have a great day.  She's also off her tube right now as her appetite is improving.  She's almost at the weight she was before this all began.

Enjoy the pics!

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