Treasures Remind Me....

I save things. Anything with any sentimental value is saved. Photos, kids artwork, cards and favorite things the kids kept around when they were little. I have at least 4 places to store photos so I never lose them, and a large container of all of the cards and well wishes Naya received when she was going through her illness.

On Mother's Day, I didn't do anything out of our ordinary routine. Hank and Zak made a nice dinner, and bought me a beautiful necklace. We speculated about what Naya would have done for Mother's Day, and concluded she would have made me a special craft and wrote me a deeply touching card like she always did.

Hank and Zak both wrote meaningful cards which, of course, I need to keep forever. Today, I decided to put the cards away, and found myself in a small project to organize the cards that were piling up in my office. I have hundreds of cards from the last 2 years. My desk was overwhelmed with cards, and I was beginning to use my floor as storage. The mess was adding to my anxiety and inability to concentrate.

My chore to organize chaos became a treasure today. I read every card Naya and Zak ever gave me. Every time I read their words, I was reminded how much they loved me as their mom. It was as if Mother's Day was happening again for me this year.

I have every card Hank gave to me since we were dating. I'm looking forward to reading those tomorrow, and discovering my next buried treasure. And, then I get to follow with cards from my brother, Dad & Mom.

We are a close family. I'm thankful that Naya knew how much we loved her, and that Zak feels our love and knows how to love back. Someday, Zak will go through some of this stuff. When he does, he'll be reminded of how much his sister, Hank and I love him.

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