The Story Of Our New Name & Naya's Vision

Names have a lot of meaning. Names have a story, a history, a personality. Names can even represent a purpose, or a dream.    Our original name - The Naya Foundation - began with Naya's story. A wonderful girl who had a great life ahead of her, and is now celebrated by the impact she made. Naming the foundation after our inspiration seemed logical, and ensured Naya would never be forgotten.   Like many start ups, we wrestled with growing pains and turned to our friends for advice. A wise friend suggested that our longevity and success depended on focus. He insisted that we define our focus and develop a vision for the foundation. I realize today that it was the advice we desperately needed.   To define our vision, we listened to Naya. We listened to her message, voice and tone. It was not easy, and many tears and hugs were shed. We persevered and eventually developed our vision: No More Kids with Cancer. The vision conveyed Naya's clear request and her matter-of-fact assumption that we were going to end childhood cancer. The vision matched Naya's personality - serious, strong, caring, courageous and accountable.   In other words, our vision was Naya. So, when we changed our name from The Naya Foundation to our vision - No More Kids with Cancer - we did so without hesitation. Naya was never about her own notoriety. Her only wish was to end childhood cancer.

Standing for all children   What's the big deal? By changing our name, we represent all children with cancer. We want every child and every parent to know that this foundation is about their future. We want to welcome and enlist everybody who cares about our vision. That includes the 300,000 kids each year who hear "you have cancer", and the families, caregivers, doctors, nurses and communities affected by cancer.   1950s drugs for today's kids is unacceptable. Research is the path to change. Join us on Facebook or Twitter and donate to research. Help us make No More Kids with Cancer a reality. Thank you for your support.   Warmly,

Amy Summy Co-founder

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