Summer Fun, Hershey And Parkway Run Coming Up Soon

We haven't posted for a while. It has been a busy and good summer so far for the family and Naya. Between her treatments, Naya's stayed fairly active and enjoyed the summer weather and scenery. She's been relaxing in the pool, seeing her cousins and on occasion, rides PJ. We finally made it to Hershey Park, and also visited her Aunt Donna & Uncle Jeff in Lancaster. It was a great trip. Highlights including daily picking of black raspberries from the garden, going to the Farmers market, and of course, Hershey Park. The Park was a blast for all of us. Naya mandated we ride roller coasters, so that's what we did for pretty much the entire time. We stayed at the park through the afternoon, took a cat nap in the middle of the day, then back at the park in the evening. I was totally exhausted!

She's managed to fit in golf cart driving, and even some school summer reading.

She is still in treatment, and it can be hard for the days that she gets the meds, but she's holding up pretty well all in all.

We are also getting our act together for the Parkway Run. We still have $95,000 to raise, so we'll need a lot of help and support. Remember, this all goes towards research for a cure. Here's the link... 


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