Rock 'N Roll With Naya

We are in the home stretch week before the Walk/Run.  We've raised over $41,000 as a team, and will be joined by 230+ walkers/runners who are bonding together to find a cure for pediatric cancer.  CHOP is hoping to raise $1 million and hopefully our team will be a big part of reaching that goal.  All I can say on behalf of Naya and the CHOP team is THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You have all been so generous with your support and we appreciate it so much.

I will email the registrants and update the blog later this week with logistics about Sunday.  The one thing to remember is to find us at the Team Naya tent if you've already registered.  You don't have to stand in line if you've registered online, so save yourself time and join us at the tent.

Some of you have asked about Company Matching contributions.  If you work for a company that matches donations, here's what you do...Go the your company's matching site, and look up the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Choose that option, and in the notation box, write in the following:  "Funds should be directed to Team Naya and the Parkway Run/Walk fundraiser for cancer research on September 29, 2013."  Your matching funds might not appear for a while, but the CHOP team will be able to eventually get those funds allocated to the pediatric cancer research fund.  Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

Quick update on Naya - On Thursday, she had her 4th round of chemo.  She was released on Saturday and is recovering.  It seems to get more taxing on her each time, but she keeps her head up high and powers through it.  We're giving her pre-meds to help her ward off an infection as her counts will be very low by the time Sunday rolls around.  Let's hope they do their job!

She's been talking more and more about the event on Sunday, and cannot wait to greet all of you in person.  Here's a picture of her with the tattoo, which will be distributed at the tent.  For you Alliquippa Stable fans, the pillow she is using was a gift from Paint Jack.  Just a warning...the tattoo stays on for days!  As you can see, she's ready to rock with you!

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