'Neigh' To Our New Family Member

Many of you know PaintJack.  He's the horse that has helped Naya get through this year. We always look forward to our visits with him, and he has become a bit of a celebrity guest on Naya's blog. Recently, his previous owner and friend of the family, decided it was time to let a new owner have PJ. We were lucky enough to get the call and opportunity, which of course we jumped on. Naya just didn't want to have PJ go to another owner.  We were thinking about getting Naya a horse for her birthday, but decided to jump in feet first. Things happen for a reason, and I believe PJ is here to help Naya heal and move forward. 

While Naya can't ride him for a few weeks, soon enough she can get back on and enjoy him.  In the meantime, there's plenty of stuff to do at the barn, and she'll be over there whenever she can to feed him carrots, groom him and take him for a nice walk.

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