Naya's Anniversary Gift

Today is our wedding anniversary - 18 years ago Hank and I married. That day was the beginning of a magical and rich life and a bond that has strengthened with every laugh, cry, hug and challenge thrown our way. And it's because of Zak and Naya that our love deepens every day.

Today is also the last day we experienced Naya before she began her walk to a place that took her pain away. Last year on this day, Naya was up early and ready to celebrate our anniversary. Her friend came over to hang out. They painted halloween things, planned trick or treating and laughed about the teachers and school stuff. It was so good to see Naya being a normal kid. She was so excited to be invited to go trick or treating, even though she would need her electric scooter. But, her friend didn't care about that. I was looking forward to helping Naya dress up, and with something scary on her face. I love Halloween!

Later that night, Naya cooked for us, and ate with us - a rare thing. We had a great day.  Being with my kids, Hank and close family was the best anniversary gift I could have every asked for. Hank gave me beautiful earrings that the kids picked out with him. I'm wearing them today.

Naya gave me an anniversary gift I will never forget and always treasure. She loved knowing her parents were in love. She loved our stories. She had her own dreams of having a husband like her dad. She laughed with us, ate with us and was her bright self - full of life that day.

Tonight will be bittersweet as we go out for our anniversary dinner. A night to celebrate my marriage and dreams with Hank, love of my life. A night with Zak, who is my source of strength and laughter. And a night to remember Naya at her best - our soulmate who's somewhere watching us and smiling with us.

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