Naya And Nature, And A Birthday Wish

Our kids have lived in big metropolitan areas - San Francisco, Toronto and now Philly.  Yet, Naya is more in the Pioneer Girl category, surrounded by animals and Mother Nature.  Her dogs, horse and recent visits to hang out with Dolphins keep her days fun while she balances the physical and emotional effects of beginning chemo treatment again.  She also spent some time in Lancaster County with her Aunt Donna and Uncle Jeff last week, and enjoyed bird watching, riding on a tractor, and picking fresh asparagus from the field.  

As the month moves forward, we have a lot going on. She's planning to spend a couple of days in Orlando, with the highlight of the trip being....you guessed it....swimming with dolphins. We also have a birthday to celebrate on May 27th, when she turns 11!  This is all going on while she is going through treatment, so we'll take things a day at a time and see how she feels.  

If you want to do anything for her birthday, she is asking for donations to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  We have set up a fundraising site, where all funds will go towards research to cure pediatric brain cancer http://giving.chop.edu/goto/nayasummy.

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