Mixed Bag

We got some unwelcome news today. Even if Naya's counts get to threshold levels, we are destined to stay here probably through Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. One of the infections she has got into her bloodstream - exactly what we were concerned would happen and what led to pulling the Gtube in the first place. It's dangerous and they don't screw around with these types of infections. So, we are here until she completes the antibiotic regimen. In the meantime, she is feeling much better and has now reached the boredom state. Her doctor and I are encouraging math. She isn't yet there! She is making a loom bracelet now and we are getting ready to send Karolina off to Poland 😭 tonight by having a send off at CHOP.

Yes - Karolina is leaving tomorrow. We will post our thoughts tomorrow but needless to say we are heartbroken. She is family to us and a sister to Naya. She helped us get through the most traumatic time of our life. How do you thank someone for that?

Today, Naya got a visit from Elmo. No matter how old you are, Elmo always makes you smile. Much needed today after getting bad news and having to say bye to Karolina.

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