Less Than 4% Of Cancer Research Goes To Help Kids...Let's Make A Difference!

We are closing in on goal to raise $100,000 to fund pediatric brain cancer research.  In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and with $16,000 to go, it felt like the right time to tell you why this is important....

1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before age 20.  About 80% survive past 5 years.  And about 20% will lose 71 years of life's experiences.

Less than 4% of research funding goes towards for pediatric cancers.

About 43 children per day or 15,780 children total are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. in 2014.  

In 2010 there were 379,112 childhood cancer survivors in the United States.

In an average school, 3 kids are in treatment or survivors of cancer.

Give to TeamNaya and help kids live the livest they are meant to live.

To donate to TeamNAYA, go to http://chop.donordrive.com/team/teamnaya

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