I Wish

You knew how much people think about you and miss you every day.

You could meet the ladies on the radio who announced they were on Team Naya!

You knew we were working hard to cure childhood cancer.

You were the one interviewed for TV and radio shows.

You saw us at the Parkway Run and felt the love from your school.

You could be with me to choose our dresses for the Purple Ball.

You could see how friends have taken on your cause because they loved you so much.

You could meet Sam and laugh at his antics.

You could see Zak's room.

You could thank the doctors and researchers who are working to cure your type of brain cancer.

You could see the purple car at the Porsche dealership and ask mom and dad to buy it for you.

We knew you were okay.

I could see, hear, watch and feel you.

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