Hillary & Naya Sighting

What do they have in common?  They make an impact, have many supporters, and inspire many people. They have both created such brand recognition that you don't need to say their last name! There is one big difference that sets them apart - Naya's the one who declared her desire to win and achieved her goal.  As of today, she has raised over $100,000 for the upcoming Four Seasons Parkway Run/Walk.  All of your donations are going directly to her world-class Neuro-Oncology team of doctors and will be used to fund pediatric brain cancer research.

If I were voting for President, I know who I'd pick!  How about you?

Today's the last day for online sign ups, so if you haven't done so, now's the time.  Donations are still being accepted online.  If you want to register and missed the deadline, you can register at the event. To donate to TeamNAYA, go to http://chop.donordrive.com/team/teamnaya

Stay tuned for updates this week regarding logistics and times for the Run.

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