Halloween - A Tale Of Two Nights

We thought Naya would make it to Halloween since her counts were in decent shape earlier in the week. As you can see from the photos, she was pretty strong as she celebrated Karolina's birthday and her new 5S on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, Naya was feeling lousy all day yesterday. We just new something was brewing. When her counts bottom out, we end up at the hospital. Last night, she dressed up as a zombie (pic didn't turn out so great) and headed out. Within a few minutes we headed back home. Eventually we ended up in the ER and were up all night.

She is on meds to fight off what is likely a minor bug for all of us but can be major for her. She is resting and feeling better. We are probably here 4-5 days the.n back home.

Hopefully we can use the time to get through some math and reading once she regains her energy.

One more round, one more round.


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