Great Nurses And Round 5

Round 5 of 6 began yesterday. Things are going smoothly and Naya is taking things in stride. Each time we come here the routine is pretty much the same. After her initial large chemo dose, we are in the room for about 24 hrs until Naya is allowed to leave the room. We are basically online all day chewing up bandwidth on CHOP's network. While I work, Naya plays games, watches TV and listens to music on her iPad mini. That device has been a sanity saver! We just got back from a walk to the gift shop (options are sparse here) and are just hanging out. Tomorrow she gets another chemo treatment and we are then released in the early afternoon.

She is keeping up with her schoolwork and looking forward to Halloween next week. She isn't disclosing her costume until next week, so you will have to wait and see.

Here is a picture from a few minutes ago. Her face looks full due to the fluids she gets during treatment and her weight gain. She is within 5 lbs of her weight in February which is helping her energy a great deal.

The other picture is with two of our lovely and favorite nurse practitioners who are on Team Naya and happened to wear the same shirt earlier this week. We wanted to give Connie and Rosanna a shout out for everything they have done to help us and Naya. Thank you!!

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